Sunday, June 10, 2007

good for what ails you

If you need some fun, just walk around Vay Vay Boutique (aka Value Village). Sure it's a great place for some practical shopping, but it also has potential for absurdist comedy recreation if that's what you need.

While two actor girls shopped for what they needed for their dance routines at the upcoming recital (you gotta love a dance teacher who tells her kids to buy their costumes at Valoo Village), Nelli and I did the two moms having fun at Value Village Game.

The game consists of walking around randomly looking at things and trying to find the funniest/weirdest/most mysterious item in the store. I so yearned for my camera as we tried on bizarre coats, ogled baaaaaad shoes and puzzled over small household appliances. There was the haunting mystery of the crepe machine that was still warm to the touch, and the Pee Wee Herman improv fun of "answering" the teeny tiny telephone that was actually a clock then say, "OH! It's for you!" Still, it was the clothes that got me. I am sincerely grateful that I visited the bathroom before entering the store and seeing the perky pink, green and blue striped "gown" that Nelli found for me. The matching green baby gorilla fake fur vests came in a close second. If I had one tiny bit less impulse control, I'd buy all of these awful things because you have to love their awfulness. Then I'd have a closet full of things that I could put on and jump out at people and say, "HI! Do you like this coat? See, it has every single colour in the world. It goes with EVERYTHING!" Probably good I don't.

An hour later the girls had what they needed. The moms got what they needed too. That was fun.

question: do you play when you shop?

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Carol said...

Shopping is serious business to me but Mango and I have enjoyed shopping with our teenage daughters. They picked gawdy but wonderful outfits for us because we were picking ones seriously for them. Gotta love it!