Thursday, June 14, 2007

meet chongo 9

My friend Mary Anne told me about her friend Chongo 9. Chongo 9 is a lot like my friend Nelson, only Chongo 9 is a girl, and she's an orangutan. She lives with Mary Anne and her husband. She has a helicopter which she flies to Abbotsford where she sits out in the field and collects gas. in a jar. This is an important service. She uses the gas to power her helicopter. There is a lot of gas in Abbotsford because in Abbotsford there are a lot of cows. Chongo 9 also likes pig gas and goat gas, but she likes cow gas the best.

Chongo 9 wants to meet Nelson soon. Nelson has a moderate amount of gas of his own that Chongo 9 might put in a smallish jar. After I ate my banana, Chongo 9 flew my banana guard around the room. She says Tallulah is really a helicopter.

question: what do you think?

mompoet - fly Chongo! fly!

1 comment:

Carol said...

I think you are losing it...I mean Tallulah, of course...and Nelson is the one about to lose her...Ikes, I'm losing it...