Thursday, November 25, 2004

What it's like when I'm not here

I took off from work just after lunch to attend parent teacher interviews at the secondary school (all good - yeahh!) then came home by about 2pm. It was interesting to observe what happens in this house on a weekday afternoon. Normally I have the early hours with the kids and pets. I get everyone out the door then head out to exercise then get to work around 9:30 or 10. By the time I get home, everyone is here, supper's on, and likely one or more are heading back out the door soon to whatever happens that evening. I usually work through a couple of nights a week and don't get home until 9 or later. Two to 6pm on a Thursday is very mellow at my house. Husband accepted the cup of tea that I offered, watched a bit of Orange County Chopper (I think that's what it's called) then took the dog out for a long walk. The cat ignored everyone and slept at one corner of the couch. Son retreated to the basement where he alternated between Nintendo and something on TV. Daughter got home and hugged me like finding me here was the best treat she could have had (that was sure nice!) then put on her tap shoes and put a board down and clackety-clacked for half an hour. I washed floors and vacuumed and emptied wastebaskets, then cooked supper. Various people read various newspapers. Everyone took a turn on the internet. It was nice. I could get used to working half days. Hey, I would actually see my husband when he is awake! I could spend time with my kids when they are not shower/breakfast/backpack/wherearemysocks?ing or being herded up to bed around 10. I could cook sit down meals start to finish on other than Saturday/Sunday nights. I could walk the dog in the winter without carrying a flashlight and see the cat wake up. My floors might get vacuumed/washed twice a month rather than once (I do not exaggerate).

I guess there'll be a time for that, but probably when this house is not nearly so busy as it is now. For now, I'll try to sneak home early more often.

Question: what else happens when?

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