Friday, November 12, 2004

Help a Fellow Bean

There's a fundraiser tomorrow, Saturday November 13, noon to 11pm at Myles of Beans Restaurant on Kingsway at Edmonds Street in Burnaby. This is a great little neighbourhood coffee house that has served the community and welcomed artists and community people for years. There's rarely a night when some performance or fundraiser isn't happening at Myles'. It's a warm, friendly stopping place for people who work and live in one of the toughest and sweetest neighbourhoods in Burnaby, a neighbourhood that is now undergoing gentrification with a boom in upscale housing and corporate offices and re-development of the local shopping centre. Starbucks has just opened down the street, and recently Myles was robbed of $1,000. The fundraiser is a chance for all of us who appreciate the place and the people to help keep this business afloat. There will be music and poetry and a raffle. Please come if you can.

Question: What do you know that's worth saving?

Mompoet - dreading the day that the world is owned by Starbucks, Chapters and Microsoft (yeah yeah yeah, I know, the weapons manufacturers too)

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