Thursday, November 04, 2004

Proud Mama

Eleven year-old daughter phoned me at work today to tell me that they did fitness testing at school. Out of all of the Grade 6 girls in the school, she can throw a basketball the farthest. This is doubly delicious for me because I was a giant p.e. avoider and still can't throw anything much or far anywhere. I'm so glad she has not inherited my ineptitude (whether it's genetic or attitudinal).

Then she found out that her reading score is 4th year university level. That's no surprise. She reads stuff that I enjoy. She was tickled to see it officially scored, though.

She is an artist/writer/actor/singer good friend and ambitious envisioner. I'm pretty darn proud of her.

Fourteen year-old boy child came to the office with me on Wednesday. It was national "Bring our Kids to Work Day." He sat perfectly nicely and with quiet enthusiasm through a 2-hour seminar on Korean Culture, then talked with me about it all the way back to the office. After lunch he helped input programs with our automated registration system. His big thrill was helping me proofread my own computer work. He found tons of mistakes and fixed them. Then he asked me, "Will the kids who come to these programs know that I prevented lots of problems and confusion by doing this work today?" I said nope, it's quiet glory we rec. programmers enjoy, working behind the scenes. The guy with the ball and whistle is always the hero. He was okay with that. Actually, he was so helpful I'm considering asking him to bus over to my office a couple of afternoons each month after school to help me. It will do us both good.

Finally, he offered to fix my computer mouse at my office desk, which seemed to have lost its ability. What was inside? one very clean mouse ball plus a giant bread crumb. Ooops, that's what happens when I go to the gym for lunch and eat a sandwich at my desk. Good thing it wasn't sushi or a samosa, huh? Honest. I do not use my snacks as mouse pads.

Amazing husband is 47 years old today. He's had lots of calls and cards, and we're about to eat a yummy supper at home together. I met him when he was 18. He's holding up great! (Don't tell him I said that).

Question: What makes you beam?

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