Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Good thing...

pomegranates taste better than chocolate
chocolate is actually good for you
you have stuck with this for 3 lines (might as well read to the end)
three yellow lines (with red on them) mean even thinking about passing is illegal
illegal is still what marijuana will be but not criminal
criminals who make it to reality tv are so stupid
stupid people will be eliminated by natural selection because they watch reality tv instead of having sex
sex with the tv on is possible but not recommended
recommending a chinese restaurant to a friend is possible but not always a good idea
a good idea is worth sharing credit for
credit for groceries means you are having serious difficulty
serious difficulty usually occurs when something is not a good idea or really worth doing
doing anything is better than doing nothing
doing nothing is incomprehensible when you see someone doing something reprehensible
reprehensible behaviour is still less acceptable than pointless pondering
pointless pondering is a good way to unload
unloading mental contents promotes sleep
sleep comes when the pillow sings
pillows sing beautiful songs at the end of the day
the end of the pillow is a day long
a long day is the pillow of a night
pillow night night day pillow
tra la la
pil la pil

Question: nzzzt?

mompoe - tired

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