Sunday, November 21, 2004

Fine Day

Irene and I went to the Pandora's Collective Poetry Reading at the Culture Crawl on Saturday. It was lovely. Bonnie and Sita have things set up for a gorgeous, intimate experience. The reading/musical lineup is spectacular. It's on all day Sunday, so if you happen to read this posting fresh and early, try to get there.

Pandora's is set up in 1200 Parker Street - a giant industrial building now full of artists' studios. You'll need to go to the third floor, studio 330. It's well worth the adventure through labyrinthine hallways. If you suffer from claustrophobia or paranoia about escaping from a building in a fire, or if you have a wild imagination about lights going out or being trapped in creepy empty places at night, you will be uncomfortable. But sometimes that is fun too.

Irene and I read at 1 on Saturday. We each began with only half a dozen in the audience, but people were drawn to the room by the words floating out into the corridor. That was neat. Irene read a bunch of her "weirds." "Til the Rich Lady Sings" was a particular hit. We were all yelling "AROOOOOOO!" even later in the afternoon during a gorgeous musical set by Melic Thrum. I did a mishmash of stuff and debuted my new "midlife part 2." We saw quite a few friends there, including my Mom and Dad who surprised me by showing up, and Helmi from Shoreline Writers, who wins the prize for travelling for culture. Now I know that she drives into Vancouver from Whonnock for: Friends of Chamber Music, Vancouver Film Festival and East Side Culture Crawl. Don't sell all suburb-dwellers short. We know how to go to the city!

Mom and Dad invited my husband and me out for Szechuan supper after as a belated 20th anniversary treat (ours, not theirs). Yummmmy - us not supper. Well, supper too.

All in all it was fine day. I am blessed to have opportunities like this.

Question: so, are you afraid in big old places?

mompoet: ARRRROOOOOOO!!!!

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