Monday, November 22, 2004


One week until my 43rd birthday. I love my birthday. I have fun. Here's what I know so far...

I will be 43. My husband just turned 47. We are both prime numbers this year. Our ages combined make 90, which is an insignificant but large number. You may know already that I plan to remain 43 until I turn 47. It's not that I don't want to get older. I'm just going to be only prime numbers from now on, or perhaps numbers divisible by pi, but I'll have to take a while to work that second idea out, and even longer to explain the concept to people, so I'll stick with prime numbers for now.

I will eat a lot of good food. Mom's cooking Thai food and baking a cake. Couple of lunch and suppers out. My friend Louise and I celebrate just 5 days apart, and we've lunched at the same restaurant for 18 years. (Oh gosh, now I'm really starting to sound like Rain Man.)

Big yummy supper with my husband and a couple of other couples who I birthday with every year. Kathy turned 43 in May. Michele turned 43 in January. I'm the baby. We've known each other since Grade 4. Lucky for our husbands that they like each other too. We're going to try Rosa's in Port Moody. Rosa is sister to Pat who owns Pappagallo's in Burnaby. Rosa's is in the little house that used to be Johnny's Place, but now it has curtains. If it's not raining, we can walk there from our house.

I'll bake myself a big fat chocolate cake and take it to work. That's our office tradition. If you don't want a fuss you don't get one, because you have to bring your own fuss. I always do.

It will snow before then. It always snows a day or two before my birthday. Not a lot, but enough to run outside and yell and get snow-faced and slip and slide around and watch the dog try to bite the air, and listen to the kids fantasize school closing in the morning.

I will get lots of cards. I always get lots. I love cards.

At least one person will sing to me.

I will remember how lucky I am to still feel goofy like a kid when my birthday comes. I think my soul is very young. I'm grateful for my curiousity, persistence, energy, creativity and enjoyment of absurdity. Fun is fun is fun and there's something fun or funny about most things. My birthday is the most fun.
Question: When's your birthday?

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