Thursday, November 18, 2004

Culture Crawl...not the Mall

My friend Irene and I will perform at the Pandora's Collective Poetry place, part of the East Side Culture Crawl. We'll be at 1000 Parker, 1-2pm on Saturday. I've never been to the Culture Crawl before, so I'm looking forward to it for more than just the poetry. Looks like there will be a lot of very interesting art.

I hope that I will have time to crawl around a bit. Daughter wants me to come straight home after and take her out. She needs new everything for her December shows. Her dress pants and shoes are too small, and she wants to wear the same shirt as her singing partner, so they must go shopping together. I'm sure if I chose matching original hand-painted silk shirts for her and her 12 year-old friend and brought them home from some artist's studio, they'd think I was weird and groan and roll their eyes and stuff. They want me to take them to the mall. Home of The GAP (in judgement) and Old Navy (bean soup). Which I hate. Especially this time of year. They should send people who do bad things to the mall and make them stay there longer, the worse it was what they did. But I love my daughter, and while my husband is still the champion at buying her running shoes, the rest of the clothes shopping is now a mother-daughter experience. Ugggg.

I would never go to the mall unless I absolutely had to.

Question: What place do you avoid?

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