Thursday, November 11, 2004

Compensating for Cold

I dreamed that I was walking in shallow, cold water, at the edge of a lake. My friend was swimming, but I didn't want to join her. Closer to the shore the water was more shallow and not so cold on my feet, but there were sharp rocks. Deeper in, my legs were swallowed by chilly water but the bottom of the lake was smooth sand.

I woke up wearing warm red pajamas, snuggled between flannel sheets. The furnace had turned itself on with a timer. I made coffee. Porridge is cooking. Dog waits under the table. She'll let me tuck my slippered feet under her soft furry tummy while I read the paper. Cat rubs my leg. Children have not surfaced from under duvets. There are compensations for the cold.

Question: How much of each is right?

Mompoet: safe and slow starting

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