Wednesday, October 01, 2008

us too, please!

I work at a recreation centre for people who are 55 years old or older. I have so much fun there, it's hard to explain how much fun I have.

Last week was "Active Aging Week" in BC. I have a whiteboard easel outside of the coffee room that I use for announcements and reminders (eg. 3 spots left in the belly dancing class that begins next week - register today). On the whiteboard, I put up one of the Active Aging Week posters, then I used my multi-coloured whiteboard markers to write a note that said that the seniors at our centre get active every day with...then I listed all of the activities they do: badminton, floor curling, carpet bowling, tai chi, yoga, fitness class, tennis, belly dancing, tap dancing, etc.

I came in one morning and someone had taped on a hand-printed note, "Whist, Bridge and Cribbage too." I took this to mean that at least one of our members was concerned that I had left out their favourite card games when I listed the active pursuits in which they engage.

So now Active Aging week is over. I took down the old poster and message. Then I posted a picture of Albert Einstein and I got out my multi-coloured white board markers. I put up a note saying that the members at our centre exercise their brain power and mental agility with...and I found out we have just as many mentally and socially engaging activities. I included the card games of course (canasta and 500 also), along with Spanish lessons, Mandarin lessons, book club, ethnic cooking, crafters, mah jong and a whole list of other good things. The best part is that the members organize and lead most of the activities themselves. I just write colourful signs to celebrate the fact, and occasionally make a pot of coffee or fetch the cd player.

question: do you like your favourite activity to be recognized?

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Muhd Imran said...

Definitely. They appreciate you for your efforts and dedication. You deserve it.