Wednesday, October 15, 2008

post phone-bank dream

I live in my house but the deck is my the deck from my parents' house. I look out the window onto the deck and there is my friend's dog - a loveable, bouncy, pit bull cross. I go outside to greet the dog and he wants me to chase so we do that for a while, in the back yard. Then I say, "Stay here," I am going to phone your people to come get you.

Now I can't find my friend's phone number. I look through our family phone book, my cell phone, my PDA, file papers from the writers' group we attend. I can't find or remember the number. In the meantime, the dog is leaping through the air, up from the back yard, higher than the deck, over the fence over and over, in and out of the yard. I hope that he will stick around and be safe until I can reach my friend to come get him. We can't let him inside the house because our dog is inside and they would "chase" inside and things would get broken, including our own dog, possibly. She is pretty old.

Finally I go out to look for my friend, walking up and down the street. I'm still hoping her dog is safe as it bounces in and out of my back yard and leaps over my new deck.

question: what does that mean?

mompoet - dog gone it

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