Friday, October 24, 2008

i am soooo smooth (in another life)

Today I thought I was doing okay fumble-wise but after lunch, everything fell apart. I sat down at my desk to listen to my voicemails and my ink pen splooged black guck on my fingers and I got it on my white t-shirt (smooth #1). Then I went over to the coffee bar to check if everything was in good shape because our afternoon volunteer was out on our bus trip to the goat dairy farm. While I was making a fresh pot of coffee I took one of the yummy speculaas cookies that our morning volunteer brought in. I walked back to my office with a mug of coffee and the tasty cookie. At my office door I realised I did not have enough hands so I held the mug in one hand and the key in the other and held the cookie delicately (or so I thought) in my teeth. It took just a moment or two to open the door, but while I did so, lots of spicy brown drool dripped over the cookie and onto my white shirt, adding to the smoothness already established by the black ink smudge (smooth #2). Noticing this I rushed to put the mug and coffee down on my desk, simultaneously inhaling some of the light crumbly bits of cookie. So now I'm walking as fast as I can across the lobby to the washroom, choking on cookie crumbs and trying to get to the bathroom where I can sponge off my shirt (smooth #3). Then I came out of the bathroom with a wet shirt, partially cleaned off, eyes and nose still streaming and needing to explain to people what happened (smooth #4). Fortunately, that's as bad as it got. And the cookie was still yummy when I got back to my office (the part that I actually ate, as opposed to the part that I partially inhaled).

question: do you ever know that you are the dorkiest of the dorks?

mompoet - I am too, with great frequency and lively gusto

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