Saturday, October 11, 2008

dead poets' slam

This year's Dead Poets' Slam will be held at Thundering Word, rather than at the Poetry Slam. Here are the details:

Sunday, November 2
8pm (sign-up at 7:30)
Cafe Montemartre on Main Street

Poets will dress up as their favourite dead poet and read/recite their works. Feature poet is the (very much alive) Ukelele King, Ralph Shaw.

I'm trying to figure out who to be this year. Last year I was Marcel Marceau. The year before I was Emily Dickinson. Now I must do research. There are many dead poets, but recognizable ones are hard to find. I'd like to be a girl this year. There will be lots of Sylvia Plaths, and I am older than that. hmmmmm

question: If you were a dead poet, which dead poet would you be?

mompoet - pondering impersonation


Pearl said...

pauline johnson.

Muhd Imran said...

I don't know any poet dead or alive, but I'm sure they inspire many while they are alive and long after they're dead.

Good luck and have fun!