Sunday, October 05, 2008

one with five zeroes

I just passed my ten thousandth visitor on my blog's visit counter. Thank you to everyone for making me feel like what I have to say is ten thousand interesting.

Looking at my statscounter site, it seems like a couple of people have looked up this page today via google images.

This page also had a visit today (maybe because it is posted on my facebook page), or maybe because someone is contemplating mounting a production...probably not the latter.

Someone enjoyed this blog post full of slightly less than random links today. In fact, it appears to be my most popular post of the past 500. I'm not sure why.

My visitors must be speed readers (or speed daters) because about 67% of my recent visits are shorter than 5 seconds long. Oooops, not that interesting, I guess.

I can see that people have visited from all over the world, mostly flicking through my site on google searches, but also visiting from my favourite faraway blog-friend locations like The Cook Islands (hi Kristene) and Singapore (hey Imran) and Virginia (how's the grandbaby Daisy?) and Ottawa (hiya Pearl) or Alberta (thank you for helping me meet so many bloggers, Carol). Others I can only guess at because I do not know how to decode isp addresses. It's just cool to know that whether I'm baking scones or ruminating on the meaning of life, someone is reading it, or looking at the pictures, or at least flicking by.

question: what's more interesting: pie, absurd family narrative or lemon pound cake and dogs?

mompoet - I'll never know, but I am touched and grateful


kristene said...

Hi Mompoet!
(She waves vigorously from across the ocean).

Pearl said...

isn't there some measurement glitch so that 5 seconds is meaning no clicks inside the page? not going to comments or archives so there's nothing to measure of time on the page but someone could be there a while?