Sunday, October 12, 2008

campaign volunteer

I wish I had more time to help on Dawn Black's campaign. Last week I was scheduled to do an evening of phoning, but I had to work at the last minute. Between work and family stuff, it has been a very busy few weeks.

So when I got a facebook message inviting volunteers to come out to some sign-waving appearances on Sunday afternoon, I jumped at the chance. Alex was available too, so we both went down to the corner outside of the Arts Centre and hoisted signs and waved and hooted. There were about 20 of us there, including Dawn. We got lots of honks and thumbs-up signs from drivers, so it felt good.

I'll help out all day on election day, which is the most exciting day to volunteer. Alex has a mid-term, then he has to go vote (his very first time), but he'll join us at the victory party. Yes!

question: did you ever stand by the side of the road and invite people to honk?

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Muhd Imran said...

Nope. If I did here, it may probably be I'm jaywalking.

That is real conviction, there.

You believe in the right person to realize everybody's visions and put effort so that she can walk the talk.

I have this bad habit of stereotyping a politician to be not human enough... not be honest enough to do his/her job for the people but mainly for power, privileges and above all, money.