Sunday, October 05, 2008

the baby

Michael David is getting stronger every day. He is 8 days old now, out of the incubator, waking up more often and for longer, and learning to breastfeed. He is demonstrating that he knows how to do all of the stuff that a baby needs to do.

It's likely he'll stay in the hospital just a few more days, and if all goes well, he and his Mom and Dad will fly home on Wednesday.

Did I mention that he is wonderfully beautiful? He has lots of dark brown hair, brown eyes and a lovely little face, and fingers and toes...I even saw him cry, and his gums are cute.

We are all so grateful and relieved that his is well and will be able to go home and be in his own house with his brothers and sisters very soon. We are also grateful that we got to spend these early days with my brother Mike, and his wife Emily while they have been here with him.

Baby Michael, next time you visit, please bring your whole family and we'll meet you at Stanley Park, ok?

question: what is it about a baby that makes everything else seem not important?

mompoet - love, love, love, that's still all there is

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Muhd Imran said...

Congrats to parents of Baby Michael!

Babies are born kings of the households and take precedence over everybody and everything else.

Them, being cute is a prerequisite gift-package.

Also, they smell soooo good! An effect that melts anybody's heart.