Sunday, October 05, 2008

the election

In just over a week we will elect a new government in Canada. Well, it's possible that we'll elect the same old government all over again, but I'm thinking it will be at least somewhat different.

Alex and I have been volunteering to help re-elect our favourite candidate, MP Dawn Black. I have done a few evening shifts of telephone canvassing, and Alex has done some data entry. We delivered fliers in the pouring rain one Saturday too. I've booked election day off work. That's the most exciting day to volunteer - either at the poll or in the office. I can hardly wait.

Dawn's a wonderful community advocate and serves as the NDP's defense critic in parliament. She has worked on issues of women's equality, fought for the rights of army reservists serving in Afghanistan, advocated for federal funding for public transit and worked to get federal funding to help with seismic upgrades to local schools. I'm pleased to work to help re-elect her.

Alex will vote for the first time in this election, now that he's 18. He has been involved as a volunteer in previous federal and provincial elections and is very interested in politics and social justice. It feels good to share this enthusiasm with him, and to know that he is choosing to take an active role in the life of the community and country.

question: have you read the lawn signs?

mompoet - vote vote vote - just vote (and volunteer if you have time)

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