Sunday, October 26, 2008

chest compression

I recertified my CPR A (adult single operator) and Emergency First Aid this morning. That means I met with an instructor and a group of other people who were already trained but our certificates were near expiry, and we did the quick refresher course (in our case 3 1/2 hours, including breaks) to get the updates, be sure we can still remember how to do it, and receive our certificates.

CPR changes a bit every time you take it. Recently a switch has been made to simplify it for lay people (not nurses, lifeguards or ambulance attendants) so that the rescuer doesn't waste any time worrying about the finer points of the protocol, but instead gets to the job at hand, operating as effectively as possible. One change is that for any age of victim, the chest compressions are now 30 compressions to 2 ventilations (breaths). As for compressions per minute, there's a new trick to get that right.

For my job, the certificate is good for two years. It's a bit of a nuisance to recert, but I am always relieved to do it and shake the cobwebs off. I have not yet needed to perform CPR on a real person, and my first aid encounters have been relatively minor and straightforward. So between training sessions, the first aid and CPR knowledge I have is not generally practised. I count myself fortunate for that. But now, I am refreshed and ready.

question: do you know CPR?

mompoet - staying alive

BONUS - This is a video that the first aid instructor recommended to us - real video of a person who has drowned and is revived by lifeguards using CPR and a portable defibrillator.


Muhd Imran said...


Something that we should have knowledge in us but wish we will never have to use.

I was a medic in the army days, and CPR was a requirement. We had to get re-certified every year together with the first aids written tests.

I used to have with me a CPR card, but no longer am certified for the past 5 years or so.

I have no idea how CPR have changed over these years but good to know I learnt something from your post and that video.

Thanks for sharing and Congrats again.

Ms.L said...

I performed CPR on a dead guinea pig once,does that count??

nerak_g said...


Coincidentally, I was signed up to take a CPR course while Shannon was still in a coma, so many people around her knew what to do.I went to the class & learned so much from the 10+ yrs or so since I'd had one. It also helped me deal & from a part of it, I could guestimate how long she's probably been underwater.Useful knowledge to have & keep posted on, especially if you're around kids, sports, or older folks.
"Stayin' Alive"--that's awesome :)

mompoet said...

Thanks Imran!
ms. l - guinea pigs definitely count. I think you just have to make sure that the compressions are 1/3 to 1/2 the depths of the chest cavity and you'd probably use your baby finger - did the pig revive?
nerak g - you are wonderful, what a way to find your way through a terrible, tragic experience. I loved the stayin' alive part too.