Monday, September 29, 2008

love springs up

and does backflips
and scoops out chunks of my breathing so I stop
and say YESSS!

and that barely explains what it feels like, you just have to feel it

On Saturday, my brother Michael and his wife Emily gave birth to their fifth child - a beautiful boy named Michael David (for my brother and my Dad).

Baby Michael had his first ride in a helicopter from his home in northern BC to the big hospital near where we live. His mom and dad came too. Baby is fine, but will spend a few days here in the land of Grandma and Grandpa R. and his Auntie Mompoet, before he goes home to stay with his brothers and sisters and Grandma and Grandpa C back up north. Right now, he's doing fine, and is spectacular and perfect in every way.

Auntie Mompoet has never visited the Neonatal ICU before today. That's where all the babies are who need a little extra help during their first days and weeks. It feels like a safe place, with lots of moms and dads and sweet babies, and plenty of nurses for everyone. Baby Michael has perfect fingers and toes and beautiful skin tone. He's not quite chubby, but there's meat on his bones and he looks deliciously squeezeable and tempts nibbles and belly zurbers, but those will wait for a bit.

We are all so grateful to meet this special baby - my parents' tenth grandchild. I suspect he will remain "the baby of the family" and he has had a very exciting and dramatic start.

I talked a lot to God this weekend, and found God in everything and everyone around me. Now I see God in this little life. Less and less the man in the clouds, more and more every living, breathing, pulsing bit of being in the world, all connected by love.

Love, love, love
That's all there is, and all there needs to be.

question: none for today

mompoet - eyes open in wonder

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