Monday, September 01, 2008


  • Andy and I return to our jobs after 2 weeks stay at home vacation.
  • Alex begins college at Capilano College/University in the Film Production program. They have an "action-packed day" planned with instructions not to bring bags, and to dress comfortably. There will be live music, group activities, lunch and prizes. Sounds like an easy transition in to college life.
  • Fiona begins grade 10. She goes to school for one hour, then will meet up with friends for lunch.
  • We all have to get up very early in the morning.
  • We will say goodbye to 7pm suppers, lazy sleep-ins, shorts and flip flops, sunscreen, the PNE, and an abundance of spontaneity.
  • We will find our socks and begin to wear them again.
  • We will join everyone else traveling by car and transit to work and school.
  • We will enjoy the bounty of late summer peaches and plums, and be on the lookout for local new crop apples.
  • We will feel the snap in the air on a crisp blue-sky morning.
  • We will reconnect with the reassurance and richness of our regular lives, feeling refreshed and energized by the break from routine we have enjoyed this summer.
question: what turning points to you see in the week ahead?

mompoet - always something new to anticipate


Muhd Imran said...

This list is a clear indication that your summer vacation at home with family was perfect.

You are returning to your regular work and school, but refreshed and looking forward to new things and experiences to come. You guys are are blessed.

I wish I have this same attitude towards ending my vacation and starting work! Sigh.

I don't have anything to anticipate throughout this week. Living one day at a time for now until end month, when we celebrate our festive Aidilfitri after this fasting month.

Have more great weeks ahead!

Lynn Valley Girl said...

I too will miss the late suppers and the irregular routine that comes with summer. And just today I noticed that I need to wear socks!
Happy Fall!

Lazy Daisy said...

I love fall, the colors, the cool days and spectacular foliage. Our new grand son is expected this month too.