Thursday, September 25, 2008

random equinox thoughts in haiku form

youtube makes me sad
I still miss Mr. Rogers
kind, wise sweater-heart

my husband's gumboots
are just right for dog walking
but they eat my socks

black bean soup and bread
fresh from the bread machine
let's stay home tonight

the carpenter called
he'll rebuild our porch next week
good-bye petunias

that big old bird's nest
will lift with the next harsh wind
and fly to Kansas

I saw a squirrel
fall off a roof this morning
drunk on acorn juice

children ride their bikes
through leaf-swirls and rain puddles
flinging wide wheel spray

this equinox knocks
hurry up nights, get longer
bust up the balance

question: how are you with the fall falling?

mompoet - thinking petunia actually counts as 4 syllables but oh well


Pearl said...

2, 3, 4
my favorites.
now more?

tap you for
Wylde Woman

Muhd Imran said...

A nice way to post the daily happenings and thoughts.

Squirrels are interesting creatures... never can get a good picture of them here. I'd probably get a good shot if I saw a drunk one.

The fall colors will be the draw for me... if I'd ever see one for myself in my lifetime. No 4-seasons here in the tropics.

Lazy Daisy said...

You had me at Mr. Rogers...sigh, I love fall.