Sunday, September 07, 2008

a week into september

The sun shines and I remember I dreamed of a woman, closing her right eye like I do when I am tired, to focus with just one, which is easier. Stereoscopic vision is not effortless, though some may say it is so.

A week into September and I have been eating healthy foods every day. I have resumed my exercise and regular pattern of waking and sleeping. I have watched less television this week. I still drink wine some evenings.

A week into September and I've paid the bills, filled in the forms, attended the first of several meetings and baked an extra lasagna for the freezer. I have not emptied the cat's litter box or cleaned the bathrooms.

A week into September and two elections approach. I will prepare for them this week: apply for an out-of-country ballot for the one and help my son register as a new voter for the other.

A week into September and the volunteering begins anew. There's a music parents meeting, and one for the poetry slam. There are Sunday school students to register, communion to serve and sandwiches to drive to the mission. Soon we will canvass for our candidate.

A week into September and the dog and cat barely notice the change. The house is empty by day now that we are back to work and school, but there are still sunbeams for basking, and the porch door stays open. The barbeque is still in use, and it's warm and dry for evening walks.

A week into September and we'll book a ferry today for next weekend's getaway to a house on the shore. Three days of pleasure with little regard for the busy days that stretch out ahead.

A week into September and the produce store is a riot of fresh bounty. I buy local peaches and new crop local apples, peppers, zucchini and eggplant - more than I can possibly cook and we can possibly eat, but it is so beautiful, I cannot resist.

A week into September and June, July, August leave only faint imprints. Both eyes open now I see the year ahead.

question: what are you seeing and doing a week into September?

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Muhd Imran said...

This is such a wonderful, artsy way to post your happenings. I love it.

September seems busy for you, but with beautiful things to do as well. A well-balanced way of life I see from this corner of the earth. You are blessed.

Enjoy the warmth the sun still gives and appreciate the beautiful landscape changing to a colourful display.

I love this post.

Answer: As Muslims, we are having our fasting month the whole of September... looking forward to October when we celebrate Aidilfitri with the whole family and friends.