Monday, February 14, 2005

A Sweetheart for sure

Yesterday I met my youngest niece, Sara. My brother and his wife brought the kids down from Prince Rupert for a visit. Grandma and Grandpa have make the trip to Rupert a couple of times since she was born, but this was my first meeting with this little one.

We met for dim sum lunch. She sat with me the whole time. Played with the menu and my watch, drank a bottle. She is so tiny and warm and sweet. She has black hair and big, serious, dark-brown eyes. Her hands are unbelievably small. After lunch we went to the aquarium. Our two kids showed their 5 year old and 3 year old cousin the sharks and the whales. I lifted my 5 year old nephew up high so he could get a good view of the Anaconda. My sister in law laughed, "I bet it's a long time since you could lift your children!" She's right. It was really good, spending the afternoon together. Babies are like nothing else. Having another baby of my own is one of my actual nightmares, but enjoying somebody else's....ahhhhhhh.

When we got home, first my daughter then my son insisted on a big, long cuddle. Sitting on the couch with an adolescent child snuggled in my arms is very different from holding a little baby, but every bit as nice - probably more so. I hope my own kids will continue to need to be babied from time to time. I know I will blink my eyes and they'll be fully grown with babies of their own.

Such sweetness for a Valentine weekend. Mmmmmm

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