Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Many more than seven

My father (who is a musician and a mathematician) writes in response to my "alphabet with 7 letters":

No, 12. Don't forget the sharps and flats. And when you move up or
down one or more octaves, the key is called the same, but it's really
different. One octave is a frequency change by a factor of 2. Two
notes differing by an octave sound similar, but not the same. So
there are a lot more than even 12 letters in this "alphabet".

Another difference: In words, you get one letter at a time in
sequence. In music, several different notes can occur simultaneously.

Good luck! And remember, just *listen* to it. Don't try to
*interpret* it or *translate* it. At least not at first. Music's
meaning is not verbal or visual. It's something like mathematical,
but not the same.

So there it is...More complicated. But also I'm not to feel like I have to perform surgery or parse it or be some wonder music brain to listen to classical music. I am listening. I like it very much. Sat and ate a bagel and some papapaya on the first listen. (Michele, you will laugh. I had the dictionary on my lap - had to look up "allegro" "andante" and "molto allegro." Ah, my security blanket of words.)

First impression: My emotional response to Mozart is of the same nature as my response to the other music I've listened to. I'm tuning in to recognizable themes, listening already for the parts that thrill me, going on little mental vacations that aren't the intention of the music, but always seem to happen.

Decision: I will live with this music for a few days, like I have lived with the other music in this project. I'll write about it on the weekend.

Thank you Dad, Mom, Michele and Vicky. Mozart is good. I am worthy. The dog just finished my papaya.

question: how many intelligences and do they all overlap?

mompoet - definitely molto allegro

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