Thursday, February 17, 2005

Green Day! (preview sound journal)

I am listening to Green Day "American Idiot" now as part of my listening project. It's Andy's choice. (For the record, he loaned me just 1 CD although I know it's not actually borrowing when it's my husband's stuff because it's mine too.) He wasn't sure if I'd like it because it's pretty loud and punky. I said I was game. Daughter said "You're gonna listen to that? It's rock." Like it was some obvious oxymoron. When I asked, she said she likes it but didn't think I would. When I found out that Megan's brother likes it then I felt sure that it would be good.

So I'll write my review later in the weekend but I LIKE IT! When I first listened to it I thought, "Oh, it's like the Ramones." Then I listened and I think it's adorable. They are so gosh-darned earnest. I have played it about a dozen times in the car, which daughter tells me "leaks sound." When I drive up to pick her up and I'm listening to music "you can hear it really loud outside the car, mom." This is embarassing to her.

So far I'm liking everything. And I don't just like Green Day because it's Andy's choice. There's lots he loves that I don't like. More about that in my review. He knows. He picked well. I was hoping for something less girly, a little more hard-driving. This is fun listening.

Question: Would it be more embarassing if my car leaked opera?

mompoet - leaking lightly down the lane

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