Thursday, February 24, 2005

spring sads

I am wallowing through this week like a beached manatee. It's the sudden bright weather. Logically, it should make me feel energized and excited, but its effect is just the opposite. I'm almost resentful that it's here so soon. Maybe it's because I'm a November baby? Who knows...but I've felt this way at the beginning of spring every year since I can remember. I can recall lolling on the couch, watching out the front window as the rest of the kids played kick the can, just too flat and discouraged to join in. I do perk up at night, but while that sun is shining, I have to fight past waves of "go lie on a chaise longue and feel sorry for yourself."

Fortunately this lasts for just a few days then I sproing back into action. It's so predictable that I am no longer alarmed by it. It's just my annual spring droop.

Question: why, why, oh brilliant sky?

mompoet - puddle of muddle in a peculiar paradox

ps - Green Day sound journal tomorrow, I promise

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