Sunday, February 13, 2005

Hot date in family-land

House re-assembly 2/3 done on Saturday afternoon we quit, dressed casual and headed out for supper. Left the kids at home with fajitas for supper and television territory rights all set up.

Supper was very nice. We went back to Rosa's which is turning out to be a nice treasure, close to home, friendly and familiar. As coffee was served, Andy's cell phone rang. It was our daughter, in a panic of tears. Good news: she was not fighting with her brother. Bad news: she had just realised she left her 100+ study cards for the biology test in her locker at school. Now she had to start over in preparation for a test on Monday.

Andy and I agreed to revise our plans to go to a movie after supper. We picked up a movie at the video store and came home. I helped with the studying for an hour (by the time we got home, daughter had miraculously re-written her study cards, condensing them down to about 50 with the same information as before). Then we watched a movie at home.

That's life with teenagers. They stay up when you go to bed, fight over televisions, and need you more than you'd think. Now if somebody would just help me get this pseudopod off of my gymnosperm.

The movie was the Bourne Identity (hadn't seen it yet). Next weekend we'll watch the Bourne Supremacy. I predict the third one will be called the Bourne Redundancy.

Question: How was your Saturday before Valentine's?

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