Thursday, February 17, 2005

Report Card

The study plan worked. The student worked harder:

CAPP (Career and Personal Planning) A
Science B
Social Studies B
Multi-Media B
All Gs for effort

I congratulated him. He said, "Mom, I'm on a winning streak." I said "You sure are. These marks are great." He said, "No, I mean I'm 57-8 in NBA Basketball on Nintendo right now."


Question: none. no essay, no multiple choice, no scantron

mompoet - breathing out


Anonymous said...

Great Report Card! Congratulations to you for coming up with such a great study plan and to your son for putting in all of the hard work .... when he could have been playing NBA Bball!

Neighbour of MomPoet

mompoet said...

Thank you very much neighbour! Most of the credit goes to the boy, who understands that Nintendo has an on/off switch!