Monday, February 07, 2005

the dare

risk it
ecstatic electron spit spit
running with scissors to unsheathed wire
dare you dare you double dragon dare you
to make the leaps and cuts and take the shock
shake your bold wild body
hot and hot and icy cold
you are not that kind of woman
you are not
you are
you are
spit spit crackle turn
you dare
you are

take it
attract crackle magnet zap zap
poke pins in outlets
pursue the surge
will you will you it can't kill you
still you may never be the same
wake up
take a stand
abandon ozone fog
shake your brain
snap shattered matter to new force field shapings
you are that kind of woman
you are
you are
snap bang break raise
never never
the same


mompoet: vibrating

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