Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Time in my pocket

Finding a bit of extra time is like a dollar my pocket that I forgot was there. When it began to snow this afternoon, I cancelled my plans to go to an evening meeting in Vancouver. Came home instead. I was glad about the decision. My little car just barely made it up the last hill to my house, with wheels churning. I know I could have taken the bus and left the car at the office, but I have about 10kg of work I brought home in case it's snowy in the morning and I decide to work from here. That would not have been fun on the bus with the blowing snow.

So I helped my husband cook fajitas for supper. I helped my son study the industrial revolution. Note to son. It's not okay just to know how many people are needed to operate a cotton gin. You have to know what a cotton gin is. Find out. Helped my daugher find fruit for her mid-winter frozen yogurt experiment. Worked on a poem.

Now I have a book calling my name before I'm too tired to read it. I'm sorry I missed the meeting but glad to find a dollar's worth of time in my pocket. I think I've spent it wisely. I know I got my money's worth.

Question: What would you pay (if you could) for all the time you want?

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