Monday, January 24, 2005

fer what ails ye...

Sherrard's Hot Ginger Apple Juice

If you have a cold but you're soldiering on (or even if you're not) this is very good:

1 4-liter jug of fresh, unfiltered apple juice
some sliced fresh ginger
4 or 5 cinnamon sticks (you can use ground if you don't have the sticks)
glug glug glug of lemon juice

Heat this up almost to boiling in a big pot or kettle and let it brew for an hour. You can drink it through the day off the top of the stove, or pack it to work in a thermos, or refrigerate it and heat cups in the micro. It might not cure your cold, but you will feel warm and zippy.

Question: who hasn't got a cold right now?

mompoet - snuffling but zippy

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