Friday, January 21, 2005


Tom came over last night and helped Andy get ready for a weekend project in our kitchen. They're going to do part 2 of the ceramic floor tile job. They pulled out the fridge, which has not been moved since we bought this house 13 years ago. Tom is a very good friend. You have to trust someone to let them see what we all saw last night. It was pretty horrible back there. Still, I can't see pulling the fridge out just to clean behind it periodically. The only time you know is when you move it. As long as we have a good friend like Tom, who still loves us even when he knows what's behind our fridge, and can help us when it comes time to replace it, I can live with it.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful husband has wired our internet into the living room and moved a computer out there. He understands that some of us (ahem) can't survive without constant email.

Tonight the stove will go into the dining room, where we can't plug it in, so we'll be microwaving and toaster-ovening for the next couple of days. Stove can go back on Monday, but fridge will stay in the dining room for a week. I'll paint the kitchen next weekend, then we'll put everything back together. We'll still have to do baseboards (buy, paint, cut, install) but nobody here is a perfectionist (thank goodness).

A friend was stressing about how her husband would be upset if their new car got a scratch or blemish. I am grateful to have a husband and kids who are even less concerned about tidy/clean/pristine than I am. Life's too short to worry about the inevitable impact of dust, dirt, and things that bump and scratch.

I will be happy to say goodbye to the old linoleum and have a fresh looking kitchen. Thank you thank you thank you, Andy and Tom, for getting around to this big and gunky job. It's going to be great.

Question: What's behind the stove?

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