Wednesday, January 05, 2005

5:30 is early

but that's what time I rise on a workday, just so I can get a little quiet time before everyone starts crashing around. I shouldn't complain. Husband leaves the house around 4:30am to start work at 5.

I survived the first day back after 2 weeks off. Only experienced "fight or flight" about 4 times. Said some silent swear words. Hugged Sherrard who returned to work after 2 months working on her art and staying with her family in New York City - Go Sherrard! Got rice in my keyboard eating leftovers at my desk. Did not take down my Christmas decorations from my office door.

I am listening to the Be Good Tanyas. I emailed Megan, who loaned the Chinatown CD to me, with a question. Once I find the answer I can write my mompoet sound journal #3.

Nine o'clock feels like eleven when you get up before 6. The pillow is singing a song about a cloud and a dog and a strawberry and a coconut. Better go lisssszzznnn.

Question: Did you know that if you hold your keyboard upside down and tap the back of it, the rice will fall out from in-between the keys, then you just have rice in your lap, not in your keyboard any more?

mompoet - nanobrain pillow-bound

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