Saturday, January 15, 2005

Luau-choo with possible Schnoo

Tonight our friend Brent comes home with wife Michele. They just spent 3 weeks in Maui. Brent celebrated his 50th on Friday. When he gets home tonight about 7pm the house will be full of about 50 friends and family (all arranged by Michele). The party has a Hawaiian Luau theme, which is very funny, given that it will probably snow tonight.

I must pick up a gateau st. honore big enough to sustain a horse. We are also bringing 12 leis to share. There won't be a roast pig, but the lady who owns the restaurant up the hill will bring a bunch of lasagnas.

It will be fun except that I have another cold trying to plant its flag in my nose and throat. I have knocked out the last 2 with echinacea and zinc and pure thoughts. I'll try again. Sure hope I'm not a droopy bird of paradise tonight. Oh well, gotta go find some summer clothes - does a flannel scarf go with a tank top?

Question: How tropical can you get when it's 4 below outside?

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