Friday, January 07, 2005

Really Big Balls

of snow, out on a school field. Those kids must have had a ball at recess and lunch time. There were about a half-dozen snowballs, each taller than a grade 6 student. Must have taken at least 10 kids to roll each one at its largest.

In the meantime (emphasis on "mean"), the middle school administration forbade touching snow with your hands. I am not exaggerating. Here's a quote from what they told the kids on Thursday morning:

If you pick up snow we will assume that you are intending to throw it. No snowmen, no snow-pies, no picking up snow for any reason. Anyone caught picking up snow will receive detention or suspension. No exceptions. Do not pick up snow.

ps Don't have fun.

I guess they have to be careful. My daughter asked her teacher why and he said they want to avoid lawsuits. Gosh, they let the kids pick up softballs and carry sharpened pencils. Better take those away too. HUMBUG!!!

Question: We don't we all just lie down and close our eyes and breathe slowly and evenly?

mompoet - irritated by irrational caution

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