Sunday, January 23, 2005

Floor Story

Tiles are laid in the kitchen. Everything from inside the kitchen is still out of the kitchen. We'll be on a camping trip inside our own house for the next few days until everything cures, grout goes in etc. Next weekend I'll paint the kitchen then we'll put the appliances back in and it will look really good. Andy and Tom worked Saturday from 8:30am - 9:30pm. The job was bigger than they thought. They had to rent this power-pryer to get the old lino up, but they made it. I just stood by and covered adjacent floors, hauled trash, went to Rona for more mud, picked up pizza, washed down the sides of the fridge and stove while they are out (oh my goodness YUKKK!) etc. It looks good already. It's going to be great.

Question: How many coats of paint would it take for a room to become measurably smaller than when it was originally built?

mompoet - going to find out (maybe)

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