Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sicky House

Daughter had a headache Friday night, which turned into a fever Saturday. She spent the weekend flat, watching videos, reading and feeling pretty sad. She was sick enough to stay home from school Monday. After 3 days with fever, I imposed a "recovery day" Tuesday. That means you stay home for one day after you feel better just to get your resources built up again, and just in case you're not really better yet. If you are bored on recovery day, then you are ready to go back to school the next day.

Meantime, son is watching his sister lie on the couch, be served apple juice, watch videos, get extra cuddles and miss school. He woke up Tuesday morning moaning and groaning, "I think I'm sick." I say "Yeah, okay. If you want a day at home that's okay. You've been working hard and you do have a bit of a cold. Just knock off the moaning and groaning." I go to give him a hug and sizzle! He's got a fever too. So he spent Tuesday lying around, justfiably moaning and groaning. Besides a headache and a fever he's having awful growing pains in his legs so he was uncomfortable lying still, but too yukky to get up and move around.

Daughter was definitely bored. Good. Turns out she was upset to miss a visit to her school by O.W.L. But I held firm to my recovery day rule, which she admitted was a good idea because she did slump a little in the afternoon. Good news is, the owl pellet dissection will take place on Thursday, so she didn't miss it, and that's the part she's really excited about. Yeah! Owl pellets.

Husband and I took shifts being here for the kids on Monday and Tuesday and also going to work. I came home Tuesday evening to find husband drywalling and also sniffling and coughing. He sat down to supper and announced he's getting a cold. I touched his head....sizzle. Oh no.

So now I wish I had bought shares in the company that makes ibuprofen because we are consuming mass quantities. My cold seems to be on the way out without dire effects (touch wood). Meantime, for everyone else here it's sicky house.

Question: starve a fever?

mompoet - not if the kid with the fever is 14, and growing in front of my eyes

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