Monday, January 31, 2005

How much pumpkin is too much?

I painted the kitchen twice this weekend. The first time it was just too bright, so I went back to the paint store and bought a shade lighter and did it all over again. This weekend our kitchen has received a thorough scrub-down (mighty unusual!) and 5 - count 'em 5 - coats of paint. After the too-bright shade I figured I'd better primer again or I'd have trouble covering with the lighter shade.

We have gone from dirty-gummy blah-white to eye-popping fresh pumpkin to either peach or pumpkin chiffon, depending on the light. It's bright and intense and goes well beside the terra cotta in the dining room, hallway and living room. Good thing I like painting. Tonight we'll put the stove back. The fridge will return to its cranny when we get a crazy strong man to come help us.

Question: Can a room get smaller from successive coats of paint?

mompoet - orange and less-orange finger-nailed

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