Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Things I Like....

And don't like at Christmas

I like mandarin oranges, pomegranates, red wine, beer, lox and bagels (my parents' warped but wonderful idea of aetheist Christmas breakfast), mother-in-law's mince tarts, warm brie, nuts, really good chocolate in modest amounts, pickles, olives.
I don't like nog of any variety, rum in anything (a glass or balls), gravy, mashed potatoes, white meat, overcooked vegetables all mixed together,ambrosia salad, canned whipped cream, plum pudding.

I like red clothing, wool sweaters, mittens, slinky scarves, nice shoes, gaudy earrings, red toenail polish, pajamas the same colour as the toenail polish, good boots.
I don't like Christmas sweaters, tight pants, knee high nylons, high heels, novelty t-shirts, sunglasses used as hair-bands, anything fluffy.

I like candles, a real tree, cloth napkins and tablecloth in Christmas colours, photographs of Christmas past, hand-made ornaments, a big basket of Christmas cards, lights inside and outside of the house.
I don't like garland and mylar icicles, inflatable grinches and snowmen, crystal anything, calendars full of cheap chocolate called "advent calendars" but they're not, Christmas cards hung on a string across the wall, fake snow.

I like people wishing "best of the season," going to church for advent and Christmas eve services, giving to charity rather than buying each other a bunch more stuff, non-competitive cooking and decorating, stopping and resting with friends and neighbours, time away from work to spend with the family, when relatives visit from far away.
I don't like when people say, "Are you ready for Christmas?" and "Was Santa good to you?" going to stores on Christmas Eve or boxing day, reading ads for more stuff we don't need, people pretending to be happy but really being stressed/sad or confused, not being able to make everyone as happy as I feel at Christmas time.

I like going for a walk with my husband, watching him work his magic with the outside lights, staying up and enjoying a movie while the kids are sleeping, wrapping gifts together, snuggling in the dark and looking at the Christmas tree.
I don't like when he has to work long hours, when he wants to buy more stuff that I don't think we need (If it was just me we'd have no tv, all used appliances and the kids would go next door to play Nintendo. If it was just him we'd have a tv the size of Idaho and remote-controlled everything else), when the holiday goes too quickly for us to slow down together.

I like seeing our kids get excited about Christmas, watching as they grow into a mature understanding of what it means and how they can be a part of the good things about this season: peace, generosity, hope, light.
I don't like when the kids get bored and bicker with each other, when they focus on what they want to get, when they are stressed and don't handle a social situation or disappointment with grace, that I feel frustrated when this happens.

I like when it snows.
I like it generally however it turns out.
I like Christmas and most things about it. The others I'll live with.

Question: What is it about this time of year?

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