Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Larynx

Hello! This is the part that sings, yells, talks into the night. Stress point number 2 for mompoet. Now that the trapezius has settled (almost) to its supple and strong self, the larynx is swelling or shrinking or whatever it does. I picture it healthy as fresh and somehow sticky with sound-velcro. When it gets sick it is so slick that sounds simply can't find a purchase, so they slide off, all lost potential. First the voice gets husky, then disappears, then comes back for a few days very deep and mysterious like a world-weary chain-smoking mama.

It's so predictable I am not worried. I'll just surf on top of it. Don't usually get sick, just sound that way. And don't sound like anything for a day or two. And because it's my soul/psyche/synapses that are the source of the problem, I will focus on living easier and more gently, rather than pursuing a medicinal cure.

Question: Can you hear me?

mompoet - promising no more boring health reports. For my next stress reaction I will buy expensive shoes, shave my head or get a tattoo.

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