Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Happy Longest Night

Solstice is my absolute favourite natural wonder. This day was just a little over 8 hours long from sunrise to sunset. This night is as long as they get. Now it's winter for 3 months, and it gets lighter and lighter every day for the next 6.

I love the winter solstice best, the summer solstice next. The fall equinox is cool because it means we're headed toward solstice. Spring equinox gives me the serious gunky blues - kind of a reverse SAD maybe? I don't know. Everyone else is leaping about under the hard briny-blue and I just mope for a few days and feel lost. There's just too much even-ness, and it's getting bright too fast. When it's dark, dark, dark I burn brighter.

Don't know why, that's the way it is. Always has been since I was little.

Enjoy the light you make on this dark night. Notice the day while it lasts.

Question: Wonder what an arctic all-day night would be like?

mompoet - dark and rich

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