Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Eve

Trying not to think about only 5 days left before I return to work...

In the meantime, I am enjoying a lovely day. Somehow, during a relaxed vacation, time actually slows down. There's more time to do the fewer things that need doing, and I begin to notice things again. I know you are supposed to "live in the moment," but I think that's a pretty platitude that people say without really thinking about what it means in realistic terms. Me, I'm balancing on a tight rope a lot of the time, carrying six bags and a basket on my head. If I look at my feet, I will fall. I have to look to the end of the wire if I hope to make it. But now on vacation, I have put down the bags. Instead of a tightrope it's a forest floor spreading out under low branches. I'm picking my way through gently, with no sense of urgency, just enjoying what I see along the way.

As for today, I am combining our family New Year's Eve traditions with things I like to do. I got up early, read the paper and walked the dog, then went to a cycle class. After that I came home and picked up the kids. We met our friends Sam, Louise, Robin and Emma for some ice skating, then went for sushi lunch. My Mom and Dad joined us there. We've spent New Year's Eve day together with these same friends for many years doing a family something-or-other and eating a big lunch. Usually we go straight through to midnight at one of our homes, but we've changed plans this year...but that's looking ahead on the tight rope/or maybe the forest. What about right now?

Well, we came home, and my kids got busy with some homework and laundry (did I mention that I love being the parent of an 11 and 14 year-old?) Husband was still out having lunch with an old buddy and running a few errands. I got to sit down with coffee and the paper and listen again to Damien Rice's album. I'm starting to like it a lot, after 3.5 listen-throughs. It is dark and sad, with gorgeous sounds and strong lyrics. I was having a bit of trouble with it in the car because he sings extremely quietly in parts of his songs. Listening in the living room was good. There's a cello, and a woman who sings with him, Lisa Hannigan. Their voices work beautifully together. I have to admit that at first I was a bit hung up on my observation that Damien's voice is a lot like Helen Reddy's in a couple of places. Oh well. I got over that.

So now here I am publishing my blog. Later we'll go to Kirsi's house and join a couple of other families from the neighbourhood for a New Year's celebration. Kids and adults all together, possibly some board and card games. Definitely a glass of wine or two. Walk home 2 doors down when it's 2005. That's as far ahead as I'm looking right now. But I will not say "I am living in the moment." bleeeeggggg!

Question: Forest or tightrope?

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