Monday, December 27, 2004

Lovely Day

I think I'm getting the hang of being on vacation after the initial days of bumping around trying to actually do things. Here's my first actually tra-la-la day...

Hauled out of bed at 8 and grabbed a bagel and coffee and read the paper. Fed the animals but delegated the dog walk to husband, who is finally having a day off too. (Note: must not assign to my husband all of the things I have let go of doing now that I am relaxing)

Caught a bike workout at the gym at 9:20. I know, some of my friends are saying "This is not a day off." But it's okay. I promise to wear my pajamas until lunchtime on Tuesday. I just needed to exercise after a couple of days of sitting at the end of the Christmas food conveyor belt. glump glump glump. Sweating felt very very good.

Showered, changed and came home. Grabbed husband who had fed the kids lunch and went to see The Aviator. It's excellent. I was intrigued by the exploration of a mythical/real character who was a brilliant visionary, amazing risk-taker and a tragically paranoid and obsessive man. The story wove in his role in the development of aviation in the US effectively, along with the chronicle of his bumpy movie-making career and sweet/disastrous romantic life. I don't know for sure how accurate it is, but it is one good story. It could have been about 15 minutes shorter. I got up to run to the washroom before it was over, and I closed my eyes in one scene, both signs of tooooo loooongggggg. (2 hrs & 30 minutes plus 20 minutes of testosterone blasted trailers before the movie started).

My husband didn't like the movie as much as I did, but we weren't really watching the same movie. He looks at movies through a film technician's eyes. While my heroes are the writer and director and actors, his is the Director of Photography. The Aviator is the first feature that my husband has seen in the theatre done in a new technology that he calls 4K, (an advanced form of digital transfer for the production part of the movie I think). He was excited at the prospect of great picture quality, but was quickly disappointed because the picture looked 'soft.' Probably partly a problem with the projectionist but not all. He told me about things that should have looked better, but I didn't even notice. He's tuned in to it, so it bugged him. Anyway, he admires the DP on this movie and is a big admirer of Martin Scorcese (although he hasn't worked on one of his movies yet). So that was good.

After the movie we came home to the annual neighbourhood carport hot mulled wine and get rid of your Christmas leftover appies and sweets party. We sat out in our carport with the neighbours for a couple of hours. The mulled wine was yummy and the company warm and relaxed. The kids ran around outside and stuffed their faces, then retreated to watch Spiderman 2 on DVD in our basement.

Finally we came in and couch-potatoed and watched Something's Gotta Give with Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves on DVD (one of the 7). Now I'm deliciously tired and chilly and ready to sleeep.

Tomorrow I will not go to the gym (see, I'm getting even better at it). I will get up whenever I feel like it, and make a big breakfast for the family, then read until I don't feel like reading any more. Yes! I can do this!

Question: How do you unwind a self-winding mom?

mompoet - temporarily less bouncy, but in an entirely agreeable way

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