Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Martha and Daughter (and husband and son)

We did it. The tree is all a-glitter. There's a fat home-made cedar wreath on the front door. The boxes are all shoved downstairs. Every Santa picture ever taken of our kids is displayed on one bookshelf. Daughter was into it like a dirty shirt, unpacking, arranging, adorning. Husband did the electrical parts then went to bed. Son handed me a bunch of ornaments, hugged me about 20 times, jumped up and down and said "Dontcha love Christmas!" then disappeared downstairs. We watched A Christmas Story on DVD.

Glass of wine, email, last dog-whizzz for the night and we're done. Okay Christmas. We're ready for you.

Question: What needs to be done and what can be left "un?"

mompoet - winding down from tizzy of domesticity

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