Thursday, December 30, 2004

mompoet sound journal update

My friend Vicky read my post and replied, but hit a glitch with, so I'm posting her comments, which she emailed to me.

Hi Sue:
I discovered some good music by listening to movie soundtracks. In particular, listening to the Stealing Beauty soundtrack spawned my love for classic female blues/jazz greats like Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. The "O Brother Where Art Thou"(I highly recommend this movie if you havent already seen it) got me interested in American Roots-gospel-type sounds. This led me to purchase a CD which I love by Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama. Also, I just watched the movie "Garden State" which promises some lovely music by a band called the Shins. Another CD which is not from a soundtrack, but I received as a gift is BY The Way by the Red Hot Chili Peppers; an excellent funk CD. Oh, off topic, but you should see the movie Sideways it a great movie for those who appreciate wines. And, who knows, you might discover some good music there too. :-) Happy New Year. vic.

Thank you Vic! Music and movie reviews (I saw the trailer for Sideways - looks good. The critics love it too, I hear.) to encourage my exploration. I can't wait to borrow whichever one you choose to loan. Thanks again!

My neighbours Megan and Cathy have loaned me my next 2 CDs: O by Damian Rice (from Cathy) and Chinatown by the Be Good Tanyas (from Megan). I've already started listening. Because I received these together from a mother and daughter, and because they both have an underlying theme of sadness and loss, but in very different styles, I think I will listen to them together and journal my response all in one entry.

That's all for now about sound anyway...

Question: How many sounds abound?

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