Thursday, December 09, 2004

Opening Night

First real performance of Joseph happened tonight (after 2 preview performances for school groups on Wednesday). Things went pretty well. The actors and choir did great and most of the technical glitches seemed to be ironed out (at least from my sideways wing-peeking perspective). The actor who played the narrator was sick, so her stand-in took her place and did a good job. The kids were very good. They know their cues and their jobs, and when to sing, clap, move to another spot. They each have at least one special task, for which they are responsible from beginning to end. If a child has to carry a prop on during the show, he or she has to pre-set it backstage. And they do it! They are also responsible for their costumes and accessories after the performance. They encourage each other, and the big ones help make sure the little ones are in the right place. It's great that they can do this. Their choir director and we helper parents can guide them before, after and between scenes, but once they are on the stage, it's up to them.

I'm proud of them all and lucky to be there.

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