Monday, December 07, 2009

when in doubt (standard version)

use the outside fork first
and blot your lips before drinking

offer you seat
to a man with a cane

remove the pit from your mouth
with two fingers and
place it on the side of your plate

check before opening your door
(there might be a bicycle)

decline a second helping with a compliment
rather than an excuse

when disagreeing respectfully
acknowledge the other person's point of view

don't badger, bully or bullshit
to make yourself look smart

take off your shoes at the door
unless your host insists

ask permission before you approach
a man walking a dog
then offer a closed hand

exchange pleasantries
before turning to business

apologize as soon as possible
fully and sincerely, without qualifiers

offer to pay for gas and parking
when you share a ride

let the cat into your lap
whenever she asks

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

These are great!