Thursday, December 24, 2009

if only I could write a poem

this room is quiet
my heart is full
page blank, pen working
time is abundant

if only I had the words
the courage
the clarity of mind
appropriate cultural references
sharp metaphors
connection to mass consciousness
a hook
better handwriting
a good relationship with my muse
the right colour of toenail polish
a clear view of my navel

I would write a poem
before the sun rises
nail down this feeling
this place where I am today
the gist of which
would mean something
to someone who might read it
some time in the future
or even to me
when I read it again
some day

and that someone
(or maybe I)
would say
"If only I could write a poem like that today"

question: have you been writing?

mompoet - trying

1 comment:

Mary said...

Hello, I enjoyed your new year's posting and this poem. I'm very involved in the Unitarian church and incubating a worship service for April on poetry.