Thursday, December 17, 2009


For my forty-eighth birthday, my fashion-conscious daughter gave me a set of bumpits. These are little plastic arches with teeth. You back-comb your hair, attach the bumpit and smooth hair over it, to produce the attractive (?) bump that so many young women are installing on the top/back of their heads these days.

I think it makes me look like a hillbilly or Sara Palin, but that's just me.

Fiona and niece Maya installed bumpits for the photo session, but theirs are not as prominent. The package had 3 sizes, so they let the birthday girl wear the big bumpit.

Maybe Priscilla Presley?

I think these devices solve all of the world's problems by making everyone who wears them look equally odd. Also, if you are worried about intimidating people with your intelligence, just stick one of these things in your hair. Very reassuring.

question: have you worn the bumpit?

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Pearl said...

I had never guessed it was under those bumps. what a fun, fashionably cutting edge BD